Accessories can be the most fun (and tricky!) part of staging.  Have too much, then the room looks cramped and cluttered.  Have too little, then the room looks sterile and uninviting.   Here are some “Before and Afters” showing how the CCA staging team makes rooms shine online with just the right mix of pillows, lighting and artwork.

Before:  This room is nicely decorated with artwork on the mantel and pillows.  However, the room lacks a color that would catch the eye in online photos.  Also, the red accent wall and rug is making the space look and feel smaller.

After:  I added pops of blue in the artwork and pillows.  The abstract canvas print makes the space feel a bit more modern, while still complementing the homeowner’s traditional decor.  With the rug now gone, the space feels larger and buyers can fully appreciate the wood flooring.  A lamp on the TV console also helps creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Before:  This living room has just a bit too much furniture, accessories, and artwork on the walls.  When there are too many distracting accessories, it can be hard for a buyer to appreciate a home’s lovely features.

After:   We streamlined and simplified by removing several pieces of furniture and adding larger works of art.  We also framed the large window with symmetrical lamps.

Before:  Here’s a case where there was too much decluttering.   Clearing off counters is a good thing, but if you clear it off too much, the space will feel cold and uninviting.

After:  Just a pop of green flowers in the corner and white canisters was all that we needed to bring some personality and warmth to the space.  The homeowner’s colorful collection of bowls showcases the glass pane cabinetry.

Some of my go-to rules when accessorizing for our clients:
• An accessory should be no smaller than a bowling ball.
• One piece of large artwork makes a space feel larger.
• Symmetry is the easiest and safest way to create an eye-pleasing space.
• Matching lamps should be on both sides of the owner’s bed.
• Floral arrangement or greenery on the dining room table.

The CCA Real Estate has its own inventory of accessories to make a space look beautiful and help clients sell their home fast.  Contact CCA today to find out more.